Our Members

Below is a list of the individuals and organizations who proudly support our mission through a current membership.  Some are craft vendors, some are recreational crafters and some are simply craft lovers, but ALL of them are equally valued as members of Flint Handmade!

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Jenn Alexander of Allora Art and Design
Julie Avila & Beth Fasbinder of Bardon Cottage
Pam Bailey of ph Bailey
Stephanie Benjamin of The Wool Thumb
Carolyn Boegner
Jeanette Brewer of So Crafty its Sickening
Jodi & Sam Bufford of Uncommon Threads
Tonya Burton of Carmel Yum Yums
Sarah Carson
Tonya Catizone
Teresa Chase
Abby Corcoran of Chic Mom Designs
Jan Costea
Dawn Cotton
Lindsay Decker of Flint Candle Company
Kayla Dekoski of Tasty Layers Custom Cakes
Amy Donaldson of HydeParkHome
Jenni Dones
Catherine Edgar
Sarah Edgerton of Rustic Revival Handmade
Rebecca Gale-Gonzalez & Alane Long of Rusty Gold
Christy Geisler
Tracey Gilmour of T’s Tees
Michelle Glick
Samantha Groom of Cedar Grove Animal Wellness
Kara Harris
Sandy & Jeff Hix
Dieshawn Holmes of Angelic Soaps & Gifts
Katie Howicz
Emily Hudson
Annie Jelinek & Lou Bowers of Lounies Soap Co.
Autumn Jesme of Shirt Traveler
La’Asia Johnson of Elle Jae Essentials
Dawn Jones
Kate Kehoe of Chicaloo Kate
Nikki Kohn of Nikki Kohn Photography
Gail Korhonen
Yasmin Ladha
Kaley & Madison Lewis of Stardust Studios
Nicole Lewis Uptegraff of Second Chance Craftworks
Jacqueline Luney
Jenelle Lynch of Olive and Indio
Linda Majewski
Kassy Mason of Smith & Stone Studio
Barb McGhan
Shannon McKee of For Crayon Out Loud
Amy Meade of Five and Dime Studio
Laura Meyer
Danielle Montpas
Tina Nies of Be Happier Today
Trenton Odette & Larissa Cain of LUMINIST
Tunde Olaniran
Amber Payne of QT Pie Cups
Gwen Pellett
April Pepperdine
Crystal Pepperdine
Mary Pepperdine
Melissa Peterson
Kimberly Plouffe
Lisa Poma of Free Range Crafty
Erin Powell
Barbara Purdy
R&B Used Books
Colleen Radford of Steel Steam & String Studio
Hayley & Randy Randol II of Good and Evil Studios
Theresa Roach of Purl You Crazy
Pam Sabada of Tillie Tied One On
Jane Saylor of Become University
Sarah Scheitler of J vs. S Handmade Cotton Guitar and Camera Straps
Mark & Kay Schwartz
Christa Siegel
Andrea Smith
Lindsay Stoddard
Liz Svoboda
Rachel Tisdale of Little Bus Creations
Kimberly Tody of Fae and Whimsy Soapworks
John Tracy
Sara Trzemzalski
Jennifer Turner
Linda Uren of LS Handmade Bags
Mary Vecellio
Kara Warby
Cindy Waugh
Alaina Wiens of Line & Letter
Rhonda Willingham of Sista Girl Greeting Cards
Bonnie Winn
Kari Wolf of Kari Wolf Designs
Dana Woolcock
Kathy York of Peace Within Mobile Studio
Our Founders Circle consists of Founding Members who have renewed their memberships EVERY YEAR since we received our 501c3 nonprofit status in 2011:

Jodi & Sam Bufford, Kara Harris, Dieshawn Holmes, Kate Kehoe, Yasmin Ladha, Amy Meade, Tunde Olaniran, Gwen Pellett, Crystal Pepperdine, Mary Pepperdine, Hayley Randol and Dana Woolcock